The montessori curriculum is broadly divided into four sections:

The child is introduced to activities like dusting, sweeping, pouring, folding napkins etc. all of which have a direct relationship to the child at home.
Activities like this help the child to adjust easily to an environment outside the house as well as make him/her independent in looking after himself/herself and to develop proper work habits.

These activities enable a child to grasp concepts like physical properties of matter such as size, shape & colour etc.
They help to create a discriminating mind.

Through scientifically structured montessori material, a child understands numbers, the decimal system and geometry and is able to handle abstract concepts independently.

The montessori method bbelieves that reading and writing come naturally to a child who has received preparatory montessori material.
The sudden explosion into writing and reading unravels the magical world of self expression.
A child will be shown how to behave and interact with his peers, social norms and work habits will be patiently inculcated in the child.
Along with this EVS, science, history, geography and mythology are imbibed into the child on a similar pattern.

Yoga, singing, dance, computers, art & craft, games, audio-visual learning aids and swimming.

The trustee and the staff of Mother's Care recognise the importance of a partnership with parents in all aspects of the child's development. We will regularly conduct open houses by way of meetings and inform parents of the childs pregress.
Throughout their time at the school each child will be allowed and encouraged to progress at his/her own pace. Competition would be avoided so that the children are not ecnouraged to compare themselves with others but to strive to do their very best every day.