Organisation History

Take a look at our Organisation History

Mother's Care has been founded by the Madhu Devi Saraf Educational Trust.

Our institution is the brain child of Shri Shankar Lal Saraf and his commitment, sincerity and sustained support are pillars of our existence and the course of stength of the institution.

He is the founder of Madhu Devi Saraf Educational Trust.

Mother's Care is a product of our intention to provide a link to the unfolding chain of our thought, and of the movement to which we belong, for the defense of those great inner powers which children posses.

With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, we present a Montessori House with a difference - a school which offers you the best of everything and much more.

"Learning through play" is an adage we firmly believe in. Mother's Care provides an environment which is challenging, creative and stimulating for the child and which is a guiding factor in the development of personality and self-confidence.

Late Shri. Shankar Lal Saraf